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HELP ME! -the earth is a comic. It is not green or organic; it’s simply a comic made for you. One doesn’t have to be an [insert environmentalist stereotype here] to realize, and admit, that the way we live (especially if you live in the Western World) just doesn’t make sense, assuming you value being alive. Do the math over and over, and the result is the same- life, as we know it, can’t go on like this much longer. Sure, Earth itself will stick around, but not the kind of Earth anyone is going to want to be on.

Whether you’re a “conservative” or “liberal”, whether you believe in higher beings or are convinced we are alone in the universe, the practical issue remains- there won’t be any place left for us to argue about stuff, unless we shape up. You’re probably sick of hearing about the trouble we’re in, and so am I- which is why this comic was born, to give you actual, practical ideas on how to live a better life. You can ignore the problem, you can let it depress you… or you can take a breath, relax, and just do your bit, every day. It’s really that simple.

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the oil spill, oy vey!

We’re back for anothert season of comics! The oil spill isn’t anything new, it’s just bigger and uglier. Are you going to just sit around and wait for the next one?



there's always room for improvement

Most recycling programs are pretty limited and lame; with a little community pressure, you can make big differences in something that affects thousands to millions of neighbors.


wrapped in plastic

There’s never enough time to finish these comics, so I hope this one was worth the wait. Obviously, you can come up with your own creative solutions to reusing what you already have lying around. The point being, there’s PLENTY of stuff lying around that deserves to be used instead of thrown out. It makes NO SENSE to purchase and manufacture even MORE of it!


plastic bags - bad idea


philosophy against plastic

Arguments are only as good as their assumptions. When people defend plastic and technology, the argument is usually the same; the assumption is that no one in their right mind would ever want a lifestyle that doesn’t include all of modernity’s conveniences, like this poorly-argued Boston Globe article which completely ignores various alternatives to what the author describes. If you’ve been reading this comic, you can spot his ignorance easily, which paints poor recycling habits as the only real problem we’re facing, forgetting that most plastic isn’t really recyclable and that reusing things is a much better solution than maintaining our consumer lifestyle.


in defense of plasticThe debate between plastic and glass rages on, with both sides providing their arguments fervently. Here’s a couple of arguments on the side of plastic (though the fact that the wording is incredibly similar between them makes me think there’s some kind of a pre-fab argument you can purchase from a plastic manufacturer if you want your company to seem more “green”.) Case Study #1 vs glass and Case Study #2 vs glass


corn plastic - don't believe the hype!

Plastic technology is changing all the time, with new claims to miracle plastics popping up often, so who knows- someone might have found a workable solution yesterday. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case, and I’ve gotten excited many a time about this stuff without really understanding what was going on. Here’s a good article on corn plastic; here’s one on bio-degradable plastic. Learn more about the Gulf of Mexico’s dead zone with this fun little site and realize just how connected everything is- that Mississippi River is a major waterway!


max headroom and oscar the grouch fighting for the environment?

Here’s a good article about plastic in general, mentioning the issues with recycling plastic used in food, and how different plastic melting points make everything more complicated. For New Yorkers, here’s the scoop on our city’s recycling program. Not very encouraging news! If you don’t know who Max Headroom is, I am officially an old man.



More explanations about recycling specifics and blow-molding … and here’s a little more on how plastic is made… and some common misconceptions about recycling.


hello, sewage. bye bye, plankton.

You can read about New York City’s outdated sewage system or about plankton and the ocean’s bio-diversity, if you’re interested. Without plankton, we can’t breathe and we can’t eat. I’m not sure how that isn’t enough of a reason for most people to quit their plastic habits.